5 Home Staging Guidelines That Will Boost Your Home’s Appeal


As it is usually not the kind of thing most people have a lot of experience with, getting it right in terms of staging the home during the selling process could be tricky to say the least. The reason is that there is often a rather significant and large difference between what you yourself think to be the home’s most appealing selling points and those in the minds of your target buyers. It all comes down to personal taste and a number of other considerations, though in any case simply to leave your home as the intimate family haven it is at the moment will most likely lead things in the wrong direction.

Unsurprisingly, it could be quite tricky to give your home something of a makeover that will to some extent go against your preferences and instincts. Nonetheless, the instant you decide to sell the property is the instant you have turned your home into a marketable product that needs to no longer be seen by other people as your own personal property. And this is where home staging comes into the equation – the process by which you can make your property look and feel simply irresistible to anybody viewing it and considering buying it.

So for anybody who is still relatively new to the concept of home staging, here are some expert tips that will instantly boost your property’s appeal:

1 – De-Personalise Every Room

First of all, and while it could be something of an unpleasant process, it is a good idea to de-personalise your home. Roughly translated, if your home serves as pseudo-shrine to the family and friends in your life, now is the time to go strategically remove mementoes, pictures and so on. The reason is that you will be looking to create an environment in which the people viewing the property could clearly picture themselves and their families living one day. This could be rather tricky when viewing a place that is packed with personal items and pictures of other people, so take the needed time to make you home look and feel a bit more neutral.

2 – Think About The Lighting

One of the most overlooked elements in terms of successful home staging and indeed redecorating is the impact and value of quality and appropriate lighting. There are few ways by which the home’s interior spaces can be brought to life and generally revamped without spending a small fortune than by investing in some high-quality indoor and exterior lighting. Even with just adding a few elegant accessories here and there combined with the strategic use of bulbs, it is simply amazing how designer lighting can make the rooms of your home look and feel much more inviting – despite the fact that you haven’t really changed a big deal about it at all.

3 – Remove the Clutter

Something else that is crucially important in terms of presenting your property to potential buyers is making sure you get rid of as much clutter as humanly possible. It really does not matter how big your property is, how much space there is to work with or how orderly and tidy it is being kept – clutter needs to go. The reason is that the more bits and pieces there are lying around, the more likely it will be that anybody viewing the home is going to instantly assume that it will be a nightmare to keep in order and clean. By contrast, when clutter is kept to the absolute minimum, it is the exact opposite effect – the whole property looks much easier to look after.

4 – Don’t Forget the Garden

Try to bear in mind that first impressions are indeed the most important in terms of home staging – your property’s interior being the second element any prospective buyers will actually get to see. There is really no point in going to extremes to make your home’s interior look perfect if you then greet buyers with a garden that is nothing short of a disaster. This will be the very first thing they see and will have a marked impact on their opinion of the property in general, so don’t overlook the exteriors.

5 – Spaciousness

Last up, it might involve some heavy and tiresome logistics, but at the same time it is more than worth investing some effort in creating a sense of spaciousness around the home. If for instance you living room look quite crowded and cramped, it may be worth temporarily removing some chairs, even maybe that sideboard that is taking up too much space and so on. If just for some time at least you can make your home look and feel more spacious than it might in fact be, this will boost its appeal in the eyes of any potential buyers enormously.



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