Asian Style Bathroom Designs

Undoubtedly, the bathroom space must be very comfortable, spacious, airy and practical at the same time. Of all the bathroom styles, the Asian style is specifically designed to induce a state of relaxation. The Asian style bathroom design is inspired by the Asian culture: paintings, animal drawings on rice paper, small accessories like Buddhist statues, Shoji panels and more. A bathroom in the Asian style is modern and minimalist, which is why you will not find many pieces of furniture and accessories, but this style includes many natural design materials , such as wood and stone used for solid surfaces such as the floors and the sink. You will also find additional elements such as fountains, ferns, orchids and another natural element that is specific to the Asian style, the bamboo.

The bamboo items

This style also involves using natural materials, the bamboo being the most common, even if it is quite expensive. In the Feng Shui culture the bamboo has a high position. It is a plant that brings you good luck, and it has the capacity to bring positive energy into the house. That’s why you will find it most commonly in the bathrooms, because the bathroom is our own sanctuary, our place of peace. The bamboo has always been an important material in Asia, used for many purposes, including in the fitting rooms, in the bath massage or in the sauna. Even the decorations and the furniture can be made of bamboo

The furniture

Whether the bathroom is equipped with a shower or a freestanding bathtub, this intimate space is surrounded by wooden panels, and sliding doors, or windows of opaque glass. The chests, the chairs and the benches also represent a part of the Asian furniture, that you can observe in a bathroom design in this style.

The colors

The chromatic is also important, so the Asian style is characterized by neutral or earthy colors, but you will also find the main color in Asian design, which is red. This color means good luck in the Chinese culture. In the Asian style, the contrast helps to establish harmony: black and white, ying and yang, light and dark. It is also recommended to combine black and gold. The lighting elements, the floral designs and other decorations that create a calm and relaxing atmosphere.

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