Clean, open homes are the goal when it comes to modern interior design

We all love those properties decorated into a clean and simple fashion. Those houses with a breathable appearance, without all the clutter that we usually witness in different homes and so on. But how does one achieve those perfect levels of modern interior design that beautifully melts into a minimalist space without overpowering it? By wisely arranging their belongings and selecting their furniture in a smart fashion. Undoubtedly, some of us are better than others at assessing what the perfect modern interior design looks like. After all, it has been proven in multiple occasions that people living in clutter are more likely to suffer from depression and anxiety. Well, if you tackle the simple part of your life where you clean your home and decorate it in a minimalist fashion, you have fewer chances of developing associated conditions. But keep reading below on what makes the perfect modern interior design.

Clear all surfaces and clutter

Walk through your house and have a look around. If something looks like doesn’t belong or if you see piles of paper and kink knacks laying around, dispose of those. Car keys, shoes scattered around the floor, sunglasses, empty cups, these don’t belong on your kitchen counter and or on your side table. And wait for it, since this is only the beginning. The same special treatment should be applied to your entire house, including your wardrobe.

What clothing articles cannot be worn anymore should be disposed of. What is still in good condition but you don’t love, donate. Consider wardrobe rotation as this will help you maintain a clean wardrobe and appropriate space for easily accessing all your clothing articles. Look into storage units Los Angeles located and rent one. this will help you declutter your home more successfully without going insane that you have to throw away or donate those valuable items of yours.

After you tackle this first step, plenty more are to come so, keep reading.

Organize, organize, organize

After you eliminate clutter and you store out of sight those things that aren’t absolutely necessary in your home, you must learn how to properly organize your belongings. Beautiful, minimalist storage boxes and jars are everything that you need to that flawless, perfect interior design that you aim for. Be consistent in the process, make everything in your home looks orderly and put together. This will help you maintain the same simple and pleasant atmosphere, in time.

Start off with a clean, neutral base

If your walls are painted in various colours that don’t allow you to create a cohesive feeling in your home, consider starting off with a fresh coat of paint in a clean and neutral colour. White would be amazing since it opens up space so much and allows you to juggle and play with textures and patterns. It doesn’t have to be boring, you will be able to spice up things later on through your interior décor, but for now, white is just an amazing choice.

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