Common plumbing issues – when to call a professional


If you are a homeowner then you definitely have some tools on hand you can use to cope with the possible plumbing emergencies that may appear unexpectedly. In the majority of cases, a slow drain or a clogged toilet does not need a lot of work, you only have to use an elbow grease and a plunger to fix them. You can handle the small repairs if you are a handy person, but in case of bigger plumbing repairs, you should call the professionals. In case you do not have experience and knowledge in this domain, you can transform a small issue as a slow drain into a bigger one.

Common plumbing repair jobs

There are certain issues every homeowner deals with, and you have to be ready for facing them.

Dripping faucets are common, especially when we talk about an old house. Not only that it is annoying to live in a house with a dripping faucet, but it can also lead to high water bills. So, you should not ignore this issue, because if the leak has gone for a long period then the valve seat is probably corroded or worn, and it requires professional repairs. Therefore, the best solution would be to hire a company as Kluk`s Construction to help you fix this issue.

Also, there are cases when you have to fix the low water pressure problem. Sometimes the problem is related to the pipes of the house, but there are cases when it is caused by the municipal water supply. In case your pipes cause the problem, then a build-up can easily lead to this, so you should ask a plumber come and check. You can try to fix the issue by yourself; you can clean the filtration system and get rid of the mineral deposits that collect on the inner surfaces of the showerheads and aerators. In case the problem persists, then you may be dealing with a more complex issue, so it is advisable to hire an expert.

When you notice that your toilet is running, you should consider replacing the inner workings. In the majority of cases toilets run when the flapper valve does not fit properly. You can use a toilet kit to fix this problem. But there are cases when more complex reasons cause running toilets and if you replaced the flapper, then you should consider calling a specialist.

Plumbing maintenance is important

If you want to prevent the above issues, then you should consider having a regular maintenance schedule for your plumbing system. You can start by hiring a professional team to check its state. But there are many maintenance jobs you can do by yourself. You can inspect the pipes from behind the toilet tanks and under sinks, and see if there are any signs of moisture. In addition, you should check if there are signs of corrosion on the copper or brass fittings. If you want to check the water pressure, you should turn on water faucets in showers, sinks and tubs. Also take a look on how quickly water drains after you do the above test because you will see if the plumbing system is properly working.

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