Custom Adhesives – Maximising Value for Money 

The only reason any business at any level would order a custom adhesive product is if they intended to use it for important purpose.  By contrast, if the purpose in mind was of anything other than critical importance, a generic adhesive or joining method would probably do the trick.  The simple fact of the matter is that if you are looking to work with the most outstanding adhesive tape converters the country has to offer, it means you are out to pick up a product of outstanding quality.

Right now, more brands and businesses across Great Britain than ever before are embracing the incredible properties of new-generation adhesives.  From conventional welding to mechanical fixings and all other joining methods across the board, there is quite literally nothing these days that a high quality adhesive products cannot achieve.  And not only this, but the right adhesive product from a leading manufacturer and can lead to increased output, better efficiency and lower costs on the whole.

Making the switch to adhesive products really can mean enormous savings for the business.  But at the same time, it’s important to go about the procurement process strategically and mindfully, one in order to maximize value for money.  So if you are likely to be ordering custom adhesive products in the near future for any purpose whatsoever, what follows is a brief outline of five important tips for maximising value for money:

1 – Know What You Need

First up, it might come across as extremely obvious and remedial, but it nonetheless represents the single most important tip of all.  Before going anywhere near placing an order, you need to think carefully and comprehensively about exactly what it is you need and how you needed to work.  This means taking into account a multitude of considerations, which include the environment in which the adhesive is to be used, the materials and services that you intend to join, exactly how quickly the adhesive needs to set in place, how strong the bond needs to be, whether the bond needs to be permanent, how easy it should be to remove the adhesive if necessary, all essential workplace health and safety considerations and so on.  The simple fact of the matter is that the more specific and indeed demanding you are in terms of your exact requirements, the more likely you are to be provided with a truly outstanding final product.

2 – Consider All Options

This is a very good example of the type of instance where what appears to be the most obvious solution on the surface may not necessarily be the very best option available to you.  You may, for example, have reached the decision some time ago that a standard adhesive in a liquid form represents a good option for your business.  Nevertheless, when considering the properties you require and the potential benefits available to you, there’s every chance that a pressure-sensitive adhesive tape could far better suited to the job.  This is one of the reasons why it is important to gain access to professional consultancy, before making your final decision.  You may personally not be aware of all the options available to you, but the experts can help point you in the right direction.

3 – Thing Long-Term

A quick point but an important point nonetheless, buying in bulk or agreeing to ongoing contracts will almost always mean getting a better deal in general.  By contrast, if you simply buy the small amounts you need on a random basis here and there, you are likely to pay a higher price.  As such, it makes sense to think about exactly how much of the adhesive product you are likely to require long term, subsequently placing bulk orders and saving considerably in doing so.

4 – Samples and Prototypes

It is always in your best interests to work exclusively with manufacturers and service providers that are willing to offer prototypes or samples, before going ahead with your final order.  The reason being that if you intend to place a relatively large order, it simply makes sense to find out in advance whether or not it is actually up to the job when put to the test.  You may not be offered prototypes or samples for very small orders, but if you are going big, it is essential that you test the product you are considering, before committing to a large purchase order.

5 – All-Inclusive Service Packages

Last up, you will almost always find that the best possible deals are offered by those who take care of the entire process in-house. There is a great deal of individual stages involved in the design and manufacturing of a custom adhesive product, which in some instances are outsourced to different service providers.  In such instances, the process becomes more complicated, less convenient and usually more expensive as a result.  By contrast, when a manufacturer takes care of the entire process from start to finish under one roof, this almost always facilitates the lowest possible prices for the end customer.


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