Easy steps to prepare your house for the holidays

The holiday season is close, and if you have not started to prepare your house for the most beautiful time of the year, then it is the time to do it. Both you and your children have the job to make your house look amazing, and no, we do not refer to decorating it for Christmas. You will have to clean the house and prepare it for guests, because this is the period of the year when friends and family members visit one another and spread joy.

Start with the microwave

During the holiday season, your appliances will be used excessively, especially if you are waiting numerous guests.  It is advisable to start with the microwave because everyone will use it. Take its rotating tray outside and scrub it, because it is definitely filled with oil and dirt. Use a clean cloth to wipe the interior of the microwave and make sure that you leave the door open the air to enter. Do not focus only on the interior part of the microwave the exterior part is also important. Check the air vents, because grease tends to hide there.

Check the refrigerator

Your refrigerator should be filled with supplies, because you expect many people to enter your house, and you can bet that they will be hungry. If you have your jam and pickles stored in one of the storage units Albuquerque this is the moment to go and take them home. Also, the refrigerator will be highly used during this period of the year. Make sure that it is in perfect condition. Check the screws from the door handles and fix the loos or misaligned gaskets. In case it features cold air vents make sure to clear them and to place the food in such a way the air from the freezer to move freely.

Clean the carpets

Ask your children to vacuum the carpets daily, because when guests take over the house, the carpets tend to be overused and you do not want them to be ruined when the holiday season ends. The vacuum cleaner will be highly used these days, so prepare it to make sure that it functions properly.      

Clean the coffeemaker

In case your guests are known for drinking coffee in the morning, then you should pay attention to the coffeemaker, because you do not want it to fail to function in the Christmas morning. In case you do not remember when the last time you have checked the drop opening is, then you should do it before guests arrive. Make sure to unplug the device from power before starting cleaning and checking it.

Inspect the dishwasher

Numerous guests mean numerous dishes to wash. Therefore, you should check the bottom of the washtub and the drain area to see if there are any signs that the dishwasher may not function properly. Use a special cleaning product to remove the food debris and check if there are any bits of glass or plastic in the bottom of the dishwasher. Do not forget about the door gasket, because detergent residue can slime on it.


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