High End Tower Fans for Breezy Summers

You can always choose a tower fan to keep you cool in the hottest days of summer because this type of fan is compact, energy-saving and very efficient in lowering the indoor temperatures. You can learn more about how tower fans work and which are the best value models from the reports available at towerfan.reviews, a website full of useful and reliable info. Moreover, the following tower fans are high-end models that look great and offer you many features that increase their performance.

Crane EE-5607 tower fan

The stainless steel design of this tower makes it suitable for many interior designs as it makes a clean appearance. It includes three fan speeds and a Natural Breeze function that consists of fluctuations between the three speeds of the fan resulting in a soft breeze. Besides the adjustable speeds, this tower fan also offers an oscillation feature on three different levels so you can circulate the air at 80, 120 or 180 degrees. This increases the airflow circulation and maximizes the cooling effect of this stylish tower fan.

Vornado 41” tower fan

Besides the attractive design, this tower fan that, like many others, was first seen on http://towerfan.reviews, also brings innovations in the operating mode by using a 41” cylindrical blade that circulates the cold air through the entire room. The fan looks like someone twisted it between their and this design has is not only an aesthetics matter but also a tech matter. The black housing of this tower fan differs from the others through the twisted silver grid that enables the air to exit on a wider area around the fan. You can choose from 4 speed settings and you can control this tower fan using a remote control.

Dyson Air Multiplier AM07 tower fan

The Dyson tower fans are not only extremely stylish and appealing but also a true innovation in the industry. While most fans use blades that circulate the air, the Dyson AM07 uses the Air Multiplier technology that drags the air through its aperture and creates cool air. There are no blades to pose a risk to anyone’s health and the air is smoothly spread around the room. Available in white, blue and black combined with silver, this tower fan is a great decoration item as well.

Omega OT750RI ionizer tower fan

At first glance, you will see a stylish tower fan made of a silver plastic with a wide sturdy base and a large grid on the side. At a closer look, you will discover a tower fan with a 360-degree oscillation feature that maximizes the airflow spread around the room and a programmable timer so you can set it to work for up to 8 hours. This tower fan doubles as an air purifier due to the built-in ionizer that kills germs in the air.

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