Hollywood Regency Designs for Your Vanity Room

If you want to spoil yourself when you get pretty before you go out, create a Hollywood Regency vanity room. After all, a beauty queen deserves to feel like a star whenever she enters her vanity room. This timeless design originates in the golden age of Hollywood. The highly theatrical accents that make it so special will give your vanity room the touch of glam that it deserves. Therefore, if you want to feel like you’re Marylin Monroe, read the following lines and apply the gorgeous Hollywood Regency designs for the vanity room shown here.

Stick to the classic with this cream heaven

The Hollywood Regency vanity room shown in the picture above is a truly classic choice to go with. The pleasant and clean cream color used in its making really makes the room light up. You will definitely feel like a real beauty queen whenever you’re in the room. To respect the Hollywood Regency design, don’t clutter the vanity table. Place on it only a classic looking lamp that you can turn on to see better when you’re doing your hair and makeup, and on the other side of the table, place a flower in a vase. Another item that you can place on the vanity table is your favorite perfume. This way you will have it in your reach whenever you need it. Use the drawers of the vanity table to store your beauty items and products. Place in the upper drawer on either side the flat iron, the blow dryer, and your hair brushes. In the upper drawer on the opposite side place the foundation, the lipsticks, and the eye makeup. In the remaining drawers, place the rest of the beauty devices and products that you use as you see fit.

A modern approach to the Hollywood Regency design

If you have a modern home, but you still want to stick with the Hollywood Regency design for the vanity room, try a modern approach like the one shown in the picture above. Use the modern and impactful black color for the vanity table and the chair. At the same time, remain in the classic era of Hollywood when it comes to the shape of the chair and the table. This way you will have the best of both worlds, and you will create a breathtaking design. Store your beauty devices and products like we discussed before. This means that you have to place the flat iron, the blow dryer, the lipsticks, and all the other items that you use on a daily basis in the upper drawers. When it comes to the vanity table, leave it as free as possible. Place on it only a picture of your loved ones and a flower in a vase.

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