How Alcohol Harms Where Most People Think It Helps

Contrary to common assumption, you don’t need to find yourself checking out rehab clinics for alcoholics to realise you have a problem with alcohol. In fact, studies suggest that the large majority of people who drink regularly are drinking way more than the recommended weekly intake. Full-blown alcohol addiction is relatively rare, but it is nevertheless fair to say that thousands across the United Kingdom can benefit enormously from reducing their alcohol consumption at least a little.

The problem is, extensive research has shown that in terms of the effects of alcohol, the overwhelming majority of people get it all wrong. Everybody knows that too much drinking is not a good thing when it comes to good health, but there are still millions who turn to alcohol as an “aid” for a number of reasons. From sleep to stress to self-confidence and so on, they turn to the bottle in search of help and in fact receive the exact opposite.

Now, there is nothing to say that having a few drinks in moderation has to be seen as harmful. But at the same time, it is crucial to acknowledge the fact that in every case when you believe that alcohol is helping you, it’s quite likely it is actually hindering you.

Here is a short overview of a few points to consider:

Restful Sleep?

First up, thousands of UK adults of all ages treat themselves to more than a few nightcaps, in order to assist them with falling asleep. It is one of the most widespread justifications in the world for one more drink – anything that helps with restful sleep cannot be a bad thing, right? Well, this is where common sense and logic are unfortunately overtaken by scientific studies. While it is true to say that alcohol can help an individual fall asleep more quickly, it could also have a highly negative effect on their respective sleep quality. The science behind it is not that important, suffice to say that when you have a few drinks before bed, your body and brain can’t get the restful and natural sleep you actually need. So even though you are able to fall asleep faster, you wake up feeling as if you have hardly had any sleep at all.

Relieving Stress

If you find yourself in a pretty stressful situation, it is true to say that a few drinks could make a big difference and offer you a feeling of temporary escapism. The only trouble being that the important word here is temporary – whatever it is that is stressing you will very soon return with a bang. Whatever kinds of problems you try to drink away with alcohol, all you’re in fact doing is putting them on hold. Meanwhile, you’re taking a toll on your physical and mental health, which means that your troubles will even seem more severe when the alcohol effects wear off – particularly during the hangover. The more you consume alcohol, the bigger your troubles seem to grow. So while drinking can offer some temporary escape, it simply is not worth it in the long-term.

Depression Aid

There are millions all over the world who as a result of their depression find themselves turning to alcohol on a daily basis. In the same sense as above, there is nothing really to say that a few drinks can’t work wonders for providing temporary relief from the effects of depression. Nevertheless, the effects alcohol has on the brain have been scientifically proven to considerably worsen the depression symptoms, both immediately and in the long-term. Alcohol beverages have never been and never will be a treatment for depression – hitting the bottle is in reality one of the essential symptoms of depression. Instead, it simply makes sense to address the root causes of the depression itself, rather than just putting it on hold and ultimately making it much worse.

Self- Confidence

Last but not least, there will always be many for whom drinking seems to be the magic trick that makes them the individual they in fact want to be. From wild parties to nights at the pub to all-night clubbing and so on, they can only have a good time and be who they want to be if they go to town on the alcohol. The only trouble being that when one overdoes it with the drinks, you’re absolutely not yourself. You might appear to become self-assured and confident, but it is nothing more than an obvious and temporary mask behind which lies somebody totally different. And when the drinks wear off and the dust settles, you are back to your real self with a head full of shame, guild and even maybe bigger confidence problems than you had before. All in all, very counterproductive to say the least.


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