How to Decorate a Guest Bedroom

Hospitality is a trait that many people should hold. Guest room arrangement requires careful planning to create a relaxing and quiet space for our guests. Through guest rooms are not an integral part of every house, here we will offer you some tricks that will help you create the perfect space for friends who come to visit.

The bathroom

Your guests will also need a bathroom and if you have a separate one for them to use, the better. Keep the bathroom clean and tidy so they will feel confident while using it. Provide them with everything they need, from shampoo and soap to bathrobes and towels. We recommend bamboo towels because, as we could see in bamboo towels reviews, these are softer and more durable than the regular cotton towels. You can also find bamboo bathrobes to match the delicacy of the towels.

The bed

The essential design of the room is without question, the bed. If you want your friends or your family to feel like home during their visit, then you should choose a double bed with a good quality wood frame such as teak or rosewood, or you can even include two beds in the room decor because maybe you will also have friends with children. The perfect bed should have a hard and a comfortable mattress, sprinkle pillows and a soft linen in warm, pleasant shades, to create a relaxed welcoming and a pure atmosphere.

The color

If you want to create a great design in the guest room use two different colors when painting the walls. Avoid using too many colors at once. It is recommended for the curtains to be in the same color palette with the wall color, but also to offer your guests privacy.

The furniture

Regarding the furniture, you must clutter the room. You can place an armchair in a corner of the room, so your guests can have a place where they can feel comfortable. In your guest room, there should also be a storage space so that your guests can keep their clothes in order. That is why it is essential to have a small closet in this room.

The light sources

The light source is a basic aspect if you want to be a good host. If you don`t have the possibility to place your guest room near a natural light, try to create the same light by using table lamps, and floor lamps, that offer your guests an intimate, welcoming space.

A basket with cosmetics and sweets

The small gifts make the difference so, if you want to be sure that your guests will return, you must create a pleasant atmosphere for them. Put a basket with cosmetics in the bathroom and some sweets on the nightstand. Let your imagination run wild and offer to your guests a pleasant stay at your home.


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