How to explain your nose job to your kids


You have just had rhinoplasty and you would like to keep it a secret. What you are worried about is what others will think. People will not believe that you had nose surgery for medical reasons. They will think that you are superficial. Unfortunately, people are judgemental in nature and you cannot do anything about it. Hiding the fact that you have visited or that you a nose job is not difficult. All you have to do is avoid bug events, wear large hats, and make efforts to keep the swelling down. But what about your family? You know that nothing gets past your kids. They cannot help but notice the bruising on your face. If you do not know how to tell your kids that you had surgery, here are some tips for you.  

Try to explain rhinoplasty to your kids

A nose job is a personal choice. You have decided to go forward with the surgery not because the rhinoplasty price in London is a very good one, but because you wanted to find relief from your breathing difficulties. Yet, you fear that your little ones will not be able to understand that. It is difficult for people at young ages to understand the decision to modify the appearance, even if it is done for medical purposes.


You have to decide from the very beginning if you want to tell your kids or not. You can say nothing, but, as mentioned earlier, children catch onto physical changes, so you will not be able to keep the nose job a secret. It is better to be honest, even though it might seem useful to tell a lie. Your kids will appreciate an explanation. You will not lose anything trying to explain rhinoplasty, though. Your children may be more mature than you think.

Take into consideration the age factor

You need to explain to your children that everything is alright. When they see bruising and swelling, they will panic. You can be sure of that. When explaining things to your little ones, you have to be careful. Depending on the age of your offspring, there are various ways you can explain the procedure.

Small children will not understand what nose reshaping is, which is the reason why they become so anxious. What you should do is give a reason for the bruising and swelling on your face, ensuring the all the time that this is perfectly normal. Equally important is making it clear that you will not be able to come pick them up from a birthday party or do chores around the house for a week.

If you have preteens, things will be a lot simple. They will not be able to grasp the concept of plastic surgery, but they will be more than capable to understand parts of the surgical procedure. Just make sure you do not get into details.

Last but not least, older kids understand the idea of plastic surgery. Information is widely available these days thanks to the Internet and considering that tees spend most of their time on the Web, it is not surprising that they have a clue about rhinoplasty. Do not insist on the medical procedure, but on your motivations.

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