How to reduce the chance of a thief making off with your car

Have you ever asked yourself why people steal cars? It’s not for the fun ride. Thieves, whether professionals or amateurs, steal vehicles that can be sold for parts or exported overseas. So, if you’ve recently bought an electric car, you should keep an eye open for thieves. Criminals exploit the loopholes that car owners provide by being careless. Do everything within your means to stop car thieves and make your precious possession a less attractive target. This is what you need to do.

Close the windows and lock the doors

On a hot summer day, you might be tempted to leave all the windows of the vehicle open. This way, you can fight the build-up of moisture and, most importantly, keep the air well-ventilated. Nonetheless, thieves can leverage this opening, so it’s best to roll up the windows. Close the windows and lock the doors when you’re done using the elbil-lader. Don’t ever leave the key in the ignition to grab something in a hurry. The vehicle might not be there when you get back. Lock the car from the inside and take notice of the surroundings. If you accidentally get locked out of your car, reach out to a locksmith.

Install a driveways alarm with a camera

A boligalarm is a gadget that detects motion and increases home security. If anyone attempts to steal your car, the alarm will let you know. The driveway alarm can be wireless or hard-wired. According to the detection type, the alarm falls into several categories. It can detect people, other vehicles, or both. When looking to acquire an alarm for your driveway, carefully read the description. At any rate, you’ll have an effective defense system. It’s true that the average household has various possessions, but none is as valuable as the car.

Take care of valuables

It’s a big mistake to leave your valuables in plain sight. Keep them locked away. It doesn’t matter if you have shopping bags scattered inside or the headphones are sitting right on the dashboard. It’s enough to attract unwanted attention. If possible, take the valuables with you. If that’s not an option, at least make sure that the doors are locked. Not only do you risk losing your prized possessions but also your vehicle. You can report the stolen car to the police, but there’s no guarantee you’ll recover it. In case you didn’t know, only 1 in 5 cars is recovered.

Put in a GPS tracker

Don’t waste any more time and install a GPS tracker. As long as you own the vehicle, it’s perfectly legal. In case it’s stolen, you’ll know exactly where it is. This might seem a little bit extreme, but it’s necessary. Thieves might not be tempted to steal your outdoor varmpepumpe or air condensing units, but they will stop at nothing to get your car. If you have a GPS tracker, you’ll know where your car is at all times, which is no little thing. The device will send alerts if suspicious activity is detected.


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