Is your mental disorder influenced by the design of your house?

People have used colour therapy from the oldest times to treat mental disorders. Studies show that certain colours have the power to cure certain mental health issues. Even if there is little scientific evidence that can support this theory, your house is definitely influencing the way you feel. And as it is already known colours have the power to invoke certain feelings, so we can say that it is a connection between the way your house is designed and your mental state.

 Interior designers state that the way your house is organised can have a certain impact on your subconscious. The choices you make when it comes to decorating the house are connected to your subconscious. Your emotions and perceptions are the ones that influence the way you decorate your house. People want to make sure that their house is giving people the right impression, but more important they should focus their attention in building a house that helps them feel comfortable and happy.

How can colours impact your mood?

Colours influence the way we perceive the world around us. Therefore, there is no surprise that they influence our moods and emotions. When creating the interior design of our homes, it is important to think what result we want to get. It is essential to choose the colour scheme in such a way to sustain a happy life. When it comes to what significations every colour has, here is a list that can help you.

  • Purple offers a sense of luxury and royalty. It is advisable to use it for the master bedroom or for the living room, because it will create an impression of sophistication.
  • Blue is the colour you should use to paint the walls of the house if you need a place where to feel calm and fresh. Many people choose it for bathrooms and kitchens.
  • Green is the perfect colour for the persons who experience mental health issues, because it has soothing qualities.
  • Orange is a colour that transmits innovation and energy. This colour is not advisable to be used in a house of a person who is experiencing mental health issues, because it can make people feel overwhelming.
  • Yellow is a colour that promotes creativity, creation and happiness and it is perfect for the environments where people want to feel calm. It is important to allow natural light to enter a room painted in yellow, because it will make you feel more comfortable.

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