Living room update: how to pick the right color palette

Have you been craving for an interior update lately, but you are not ready for a complete makeover? If the answer is “yes”, then focus on just one room of the house – the living room. Depending on your budget and the amount of time you plan to invest in the project, you can opt for low-cost refreshes or major improvements. From creating interesting architectural details and going with a coffered ceiling to adding modern lighting fixtures and picking a calming color scheme, the truth is that with so many options available, only the lack of creativity can limit your possibilities. Speaking of color, are you familiar with the main rules that all interior designers follow in order to achieve a breathtaking look? Do you know how to combine different shades so that you do not overwhelm the eye? Most homeowners resume to just one color, either light, such as cream and white or dark, such as navy blue and burgundy. However, at some point, the walls become too dull creating the need for another change.

Master the basics of color before picking a color scheme

Starting with the basics, you should try to grasp common terms like saturation, value and intensity when analyzing various colors for your living room before hiring an interior painter Melbourne for the job. Once you are able to determine how dominant or intense a color is and its effect on a person’s mood, you can go ahead and explore the wide range of hues available online and in stores. Normally, a homeowner who designs a space from scratch has the luxury of choosing any color he or she wants, depending on the mood or personal style. In this case, taking into account that you already have the lighting fixtures, furniture, coffee table and carpet, you have to consider the existing shades and patterns before selecting a shade for the walls. Speaking of lighting, experienced interior designers know its impact on the paint. For instance, incandescent lighting reveals the warm tones while fluorescent lighting brings out a blue tone. In conclusion, if you want to see the true color, you have to seek natural daylight.

What type of look do you want to achieve?

These restrictions should not represent a problem. In fact, they do not impede you from deciding on the type of look you consider suitable for your living room. A bonus tip, share that specific look with your interior painter. Do you want a subtle look that gives you a feeling of calm and relaxation within the first second you walk into the room? Most people opt for a monochromatic approach meaning that they choose several shades of the same color to obtain that soothing effect. Do you want to go with a more elegant look? Well, homeowners going for such a refined look resort to neutral colors, which also provide flexibility. Of course, they can be light neutral colors or dark neutral colors. Do you know how to achieve a vibrant look that instantly captivates the attention? You definitely need to direct your attention towards gold or dark purples.

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