Minimalist Patio Designs

The patio is the perfect place where you can sit and enjoy a coffee in the morning with your lover. But for this space to complement your modern home perfectly, it must have a minimalist design. This design isn’t pretentious and it looks extremely luxurious. Therefore, if you want to create a minimalist patio and you’re looking for some great designs for it, read the following lines and use one of the designs shown here.

White heaven

A minimalist patio design that you can try is the one shown in the picture above. Due to the fact that it’s minimalist, you have to stick to only what you actually need. Also, the clean aspect given by the all-white furniture will make it a real delight to sit there. A small table with 2-3 chairs will suffice for you and your loved ones to have a place to sit down and drink your coffees in the morning. Make sure that you cover this area for you to be able to use it even when it’s raining or snowing. Place at least one sunbed in the patio as well. This way you will be able to bask in the delightful rays of the sun when summer comes. For you to be able to sit on the patio even when it’s cold outside, install the Infratech Dual Element Electric WD4024SS infrared patio heater. To purchase this infrared patio heater you will have to spend $550, but it’s worth every penny that you invest in it. Due to the fact that it uses infrared heat, it will focus on warming the objects and bodies that surround it instead of warming the air. Therefore, it’s extremely efficient. Also, its minimalist design will go perfectly with your patio.

Modern sofa and fireplace

Another great minimalist patio design that you can try is the one shown in the picture above. Buy a comfortable sofa that you can cozy up on with your loved one on. In front of it, you can install a modern looking fireplace that will keep you warm when the chilly summer nights come. As decoration pieces, you can add a couple of plants in modern containers on the patio. This is more than enough for the minimalist patio. This design provides everything you need without occupying a lot of space, and you have a perfect place where you can sit whenever you want to relax and unwind. In case you want to use the patio all year round, cover it and install an infrared patio heater. Turn the heater only when autumn and winter come, periods in which the fireplace won’t be able to provide the necessary warmth.

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