Modern Bathroom Decors

Bathrooms decorated in a modern style are clean, simple, and soothing places consisting of an array of items in clean and straight lines with minimalist accents. A modern bathroom is airy and uncluttered, thus offering you a comfortable area decorated with cabinetry that helps you keep all your personal items in order. Complete your modern home design with one of the modern bathroom decors we detail below.

Light colors

If you wish to choose warm colors, opt for this creamy bathroom décor with walls and floors covered in light brown tiles and a white ceiling that adds light to the room. The rounded sanitary ware contrasts with the edgy furniture and the sharp glass wall but perfectly complements this modern bathroom décor. While not a spacious bathroom, the large mirror above the double sinks and the window placed on the opposite wall create the feeling of a larger area.

Luxurious baroque

Nothing says modern like a black and white combination with elegant baroque accents like this modern bathroom design. The walls are painted in black to contrast the white and shiny floors and everything is completed by the detailed mirrors on the walls. For an added touch of luxury, place the bathtub in a separate area and decorate the bathroom with a fluffy gray rug. For the furniture, choose a black and white version with a floral print and opt for two separate sinks with two separate mirrors. Complete the luxurious design with baroque floor lamps and a gorgeous chandelier above the bathtub.

Large spaces

If you are the lucky owner of a large bathroom, you can really capitalize your space by choosing a modern décor in light shades and complemented by a large glass door. Limit the furniture to a set of wall cabinets and put the accent in the sanitary ware and the tiles you choose for the background. Don’t go for classic sanitary ware and choose more stylish and fancy items that make for the lack of furniture and increase the idea of modernism.

Color accents

In case you like the modern bathroom style but you also want to add color and personality to your bathroom, opt for modern bathroom cabinetry in a strong shade or a combination of several colors. Keep the same straight lines and simple design and put the accent on the colorful furniture while keeping the decorations to the minimum. Complete everything with a stone wall pattern and a futuristic shower with stylish glass doors.

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