Modern Solutions for Improving Your Home’s Indoor Air

Modern homes require the most stylish and advanced solutions designed to improve the quality of the living environment, including the indoor air. For this, you will need to make use of the latest air improving devices that solve any problem related to indoor air quality while enhancing the interior design of your home.

Du.Static air purifier and duster

No other modern gadget can match the utility and efficiency of this high-tech device that works both as an air purifier and a duster. However, you can find many other models with a survey of the air purifier reviews 2016 so you will have a generous offer to choose from so you can be certain to find the right air cleaner for your home. Going back to the Du.Static, the main unit comes in an interesting and modern shape that makes it look like a piece of decoration rather than an air cleaning appliance. The light at the base changes color from red to blue to let you know how polluted the air is so you will know when it’s time to start cleaning your air. At the top pf the device, there is a wand that you remove and use to collect dust around the house from areas that are hard to reach. The static electricity of the Du.Static attracts dust particles so the entire house remains clean and there is less dust in the air.

Petite Dehumidifier MD868

The indoor air can sometimes become too moist which leads to the development of mold spores and dampness and requires the use of a dehumidifier. The Petite dehumidifier has all it takes to remove moisture from the air and it’s also very stylish and beautiful, with a pleasant and compact design available in 6 different colors. It’s a thermo-electric Peltier unit that can absorb up to 250ml of water every day and has a 1-liter transparent water tank so you don’t have to worry about emptying it too often. Plus, it turns off automatically when the tank is full so it will never spill water, being the perfect device for your bedroom, nursery, closet, or cabinets. If the high humidity problem affects a large area of your home, you might need a bigger dehumidifier, in which case we advise you to read a few dehumidifier reviews on and choose the device which is most suited for your home.

Goat GO-2850 Ultrasonic humidifier

This humidifier could easily be mistaken for a decorative piece due to the beautiful shape and the wide range of colors it’s available in. Also available in 6 color choices, this humidifier is an ultrasonic model that can run up to 12 hours continuously on the 2.8 liters water tank. It features a sleep mode that allows for 24 hours of operating and the device doubles as an ultrasonic ionizer that removes bacteria and dust from the air. The fine cool mist that is spread into the air can also be scented if you choose to add any aroma oil to the water tank.

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