Nursery Decor Ideas

The nursery is the room in which your beloved bundle of joy will grow. Therefore, this room has to be perfect for him. If you want to learn some great nursery decor ideas that you can use in the room’s making, read the following lines and apply what you find here.

Stick to pleasant colors that go well no matter the gender of the baby

A big mistake that most parents make when it comes to the nursery is to paint the walls in colors that are typical for a certain gender. Instead of painting the walls in pink or blue, and matching the furniture with the flashy color as well, go with gender neutral colors. The gender neutral colors that you can go with are white, orange, yellow, green, and purple. They are all pleasant to the eye, and they are far better choices than the classic blue and pink colors. Also, no matter the color that you choose for the walls, avoid making a theme out of it. This means that you don’t have to place furniture that has the same color as the walls in the nursery. The best thing to do it to go with white or cream as colors for the furniture.

Put playful stickers on the walls

For the baby to grow up happy and healthy, he has to see images that delight him. A great way to pretty up the nursery with images that will make the small one smile is to put playful stickers on the walls. There are a lot of animal stickers and nature stickers that you can stick to the walls, and that will make the nursery look like a playful paradise. As the small one grows, you can use them to teach him certain words as well.

Put the child to sleep with the HoMedics Deep Sleep HDS-2000 sound machine

Babies are extremely sensitive, and any sound awakes them. For you to not have to go into the nursery once every 10 minutes every night because the small one has woken up, place the HoMedics Deep Sleep HDS-2000 sound machine next to his crib. It will cost you only $80 to purchase this device. With its help, the small one will fall asleep faster than ever. Also, due to the fact that the sound machine uses white noise, it will block out any disruptive noises that will appear throughout the night. Therefore, the child will surely have an undisturbed sleep. The machine offers 12 total sounds of nature, white noise, and water that you can choose from. Also, it features the amazing sleep therapy option that plays one of the nature or water sounds until the baby sleeps, and transitions to white noise once he’s asleep. In addition, the sound machine offers a built-in timer that you can set for 30, 60, or 90 minutes. After the chosen period of time passes, the device will automatically shut off.

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