Pet-friendly interior design tips

Pet owners always make efforts to keep their homes as tidy as possible. If you’re looking for ways to decorate your house in a way that accommodates your pet, you’re reading the right article. Also, you should know you’re not the only pet owner looking for tips because 27% of households have a dog, and 17% of them have a cat. Many people are looking for ways to create a harmonious place that serves both their and their pet’s needs. 

Here are some recommendations that might help you. 

Buy fur-free upholstery

Before purchasing furniture or decorations, think carefully about the fabrics they might features and if they’ll gather fur. Pet owners should avoid fabrics like mohair, velvet, chenille, or velour because they are magnets for pet hair. It’s also best not to bring inside an element made from delicate materials because your little furred friend might damage it. It’s best to stick with synthetic fibres and smooth tapestries because they’re more durable. Also, according to a veterinær nittedal it’s recommended to invest in quality textiles to prevent your pet from suffering from skin allergies. 

Ensure your pet doesn’t use furniture as toys

Before purchasing new furniture items check for any exposed wood because it can easily become an attraction for an excited puppy looking for a teething toy. If you have a cat, you should also stay away from sisal, rattan, or wicker furniture because it’ll be tempted to scratch it. Expert dyrlege nittedal state that chrome and metal furniture is best for pet owners because it’ll encourage the pets to use the toys and stay away from any decoration or furniture element. 

Squeaky clean flooring

If you renovate your house, it’s best to install flooring that is easy to clean because a pet will inevitably get it dirty. Avoid hardwood floors because they easily scratch and dent when your pets run around the house and require rapid cleaning if a puddle appears. Laminate floor, ceramic tiles, and stone are the best solutions for pet-owners. 

Buy furniture for your pet

An essential part from building a pet-friendly interior is to add a comfortable bed for your companion. If you don’t know what kind of bed to get for your pet, ask the specialists from dyrlege and they’ll definitely provide you with the best piece of advice. When choosing pet furniture, avoid the elements that might look mismatched because they’ll impact the overall home design. Pick something that enhances the rest of the interiors, made from high quality materials, so your furred friend can relax and recharge.

Pay attention to the walls

If you have a pet you should pay attention to the paint you use for the walls because they can easily become a headache if they feature the wrong texture. Suppose you have highly-textured walls they could attract pet fur if your little companions rub against them. If you plan to repaint the walls, pick satin or semi-gloss paint that repels fur and allows you to keep the walls clean. 

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