Rustic Garden Design Ideas

Undoubtedly, people who grew up in the country remember their grandparents’ houses with nice green gardens that had a rustic decor. You can have a rustic design even in an urban garden, if your arrangement respects the features of this style. If you want to give your garden a rustic design with a savage style, here you will find some great ideas.

The wooden furniture

In your seating area you should be equipped with wooden furniture, because this looks more natural.To get the impact that you want, you can add some tree stumps with decorative pots or flower holders.

Wicker baskets

Wicker baskets also have a great rustic charm and you can display them on the table, on a wall, near the table and even in the garden. Natural materials, such as flax, and the accessories made of this are more than welcoming in a rustic landscaping. One of the most common ideas regarding the rustic garden design among the plants, is the use of traditional decorative objects, such as the decorative wooden wheel, timber barrel and an old cart. All of these items can be transformed into rustic flower holders.

The stones

When it comes to rustic garden design ideas, you can make good use of natural stones, because, along with the wood, stones creates beautiful landscapes that invites to deep harmony and relaxation. You can use these stone to create a simple arrangement by just stretching them on the ground, or even along the walkways. This arrangement will take you through the green, into the heart of the nature. Another idea to use stones is to place a stone bench in the middle of your garden. This might sound like a simple idea, but it will create a lovely garden charm. The same effect can be achieved with the use of a stone gate. This is indeed an original idea, and all these stones decorations will transform your landscape into a gate to paradise, a rustic space where you will find unique moments of relaxation.

The fruit trees and the colorful flowers

Always present in a rustic garden are the orchards with fruit trees that envelop you with their fragrance and color. You can also plant vegetables as they add a rustic vibe to your garden decor and they are also practical, since you can eat them when they are ripe. The roses and the peonies are found in every country garden, but to provide a strong contrast you can also chose colorful flowers such as lavender and thyme.

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