Small Apartment Decorating Ideas

It is very difficult to live in a small apartment, but, as long as you keep in mind some essential rules for proper small apartments, everything can change. We can offer you a list with some decorating ideas for limited space, that interior designers use all the time.

The color

The color that you choose for painting the walls can widen the space where you live. That’s why it is recommended to use white or other light colors, because everybody knows that these colors are great for small spaces. This will give the impression of a larger space. When you choose to play with the decorations….the pairings and the decorative objects, all stand out when the walls and the furniture are painted in neutral colors.

Remodeling tricks

You should give up the storage closet when you can,because you will gain some space with it, but take care not to affect the structure of the apartment. In the smaller apartments, it is almost a necessity to transform the kitchen into a living room so the entire room will be used with a dual role. This concept that helps us live in a larger space became popular a few years ago and it is used not only for its functionality, adding extra centimeters of living space, but also for its popularity in design.

The furniture

The furniture is very important when we talk about our living space. For small apartments decorating ideas, the furniture that will inspire you to see a larger space, will be the minimalist one…less is more.. actually this is the basic idea from which you should start with. There are some furniture transparent bodies which acts like a mirror and reflects the objects. It is especially recommended to use such furniture pieces, because they give the impression of depth. You can also create your small apartment design using furniture that goes up to the ceiling, because this will transform your room into a wider space. In the small apartments, the small decorations make a big difference. Items such as mirrors, glass and oversized paintings should be used to create the illusion of a larger space.

The lighting

The lighting is an important element regarding the space. Obviously, if a dark room is poorly illuminated, this room will seems smaller than the one in which you will find both natural and artificial light. To highlight the room you should choose those lighting elements which stray from the ceiling so that a room will seem higher. Decorating a small apartment can be a difficult task, but using the minimalist style, your home will be more spacious.

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