Stylish ways to wear ribbon in your hair

If you keep up with the latest trends in terms of hairstyles, then you probably know that ribbon hair bows are not only for preschool girls anymore. If you choose an adequate hairdo, you can easily use ribbon as an accessory, and create beautiful hairstyle for any type of outfit. When it comes to hair bow grosgrain ribbon, online shops offer many options to choose from, in terms of both colour and pattern. However, if you are not quite sure how to add ribbon to your hairstyle, without looking too girly, then a few ideas might help you out.

Half pony curls

If you do not want to spend much time doing your hair, but you still want to look your best, then this is the look to opt for. Use some hot rollers or a straightener to curl your hair loosely, and give it a bit of volume with some hair spray and tie it up in a half ponytail. Instead of using a traditional scrunchy or hair tie, use a strap of ribbon, and create a large bow on top. With the right outfit, this hairdo will look great on you.

Hair braids with a ribbon accents

Regardless if you opt for one or two braids, you can make the hairstyle seem more complex and stylish, by including a ribbon accent. All you have to do is place the strap of ribbon across your head before starting, and use it as if it is a section of your hair. In less than a minute, you will have your braids done, but with a different effect added.

The sophisticated bun

If you have an important event to attend, and are in a hurry, but you need to opt for a more formal attire, then choose a hairstyle that is easy to do, but still looks amazing. Straighten your hair and put it up in a regular bun. Tie a piece of ribbon around it, and make a bow at the back of your head. For a touch of sophistication, attach a broche on the bow – you will love how it looks.

Start out with these few hairstyles, and use your imagination to come up with many others. With ribbon, your hair can look great every day, without much effort. Even the dullest ponytail can become a chic hairdo, suitable for a Saturday night out. Keep in mind that you have a wide range of grosgrain ribbon option to select from, so it will be easy play around and make your hair look different every single day.

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