Top 5 Bedroom Essentials for a Restful Sleep

Getting the necessary rest and enjoying a good night sleep can be difficult if your sleeping environment is not adequate. The following 5 items are essential for a restful sleep so you must make sure you have them in your bedroom.

A comfortable mattress

You can sleep well and rest throughout the night if you are not sleeping on a good quality mattress that offers you all the support and comfort that you need. Your mattress is essential in providing you a good sleeping position and in helping you fall asleep so you must make sure it’s in a good condition. It must support your body weight while maintaining your spine in a right position and air must circulate very well through the mattress’ layers so you won’t feel hot and sweaty.

Soft and warm sheets

Nothing can be more relaxing than the feeling of soft and delicate sheets on your body and a warm blanket to keep you warm all night. Avoid synthetic sheets that get very hot in summer and stay cold in the winter and choose quality cotton sheets that provide you a soft feeling for a restful sleep.

A soothing sound machine

Some powerful noises in the background can really be disturbing when you are trying to fall asleep and some noises can even wake you up in the middle of the night. Mask and ignore all those noises with the sound machine that creates a pleasant white noise designed to block the surrounding noises that might interfere with your sleep. Have the sound machine play until you fall asleep or let it play for the entire night so nothing will disturb you.

Proper lighting

It’s hard to stay asleep and to get some rest when you are surrounded by powerful lights that disturb you, so make sure you limit the amount of light you get in your bedroom. The artificial light is easy to adjust using dimmer lights and the natural light can be kept away from the bedroom with some thick and dark curtains.

Scented oils

You can lure yourself into sleep with the help of some essential oils that will fill your bedroom with a soothing and relaxing flavor that will induce you a feeling of comfort. Aromas like lavender, jasmine, mint or rose are great for relaxing your mind and helping you fall asleep faster. You can either burn some scented sticks, place a container with some dried flowers near your bed or you can add some essential oils to the water in your humidifier to add a pleasant scent to the air.

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