Urban Garden Design Ideas

While keeping some rules of modern designs, the urban gardens leave their own mark and manage to transform regular city balconies, terraces, and yards into more natural and vivid places. If you were not sure whether or not you can turn your city garden into a gorgeous place, the following urban garden design ideas will convince you that every space can be enhanced with the right decorating style.

    • Create a small outdoor kitchen using some simple yet effective elements that match the requirements of an urban garden design. Incorporate a gas grill to a wooden wall cabinet that serves as cooking space and complete everything with a tall Italian style table. The biggest advantage of this garden design is that it capitalizes every space you have and it doesn’t require having a large garden. Plus, you will benefit from the advantages of outdoor cooking while enjoying the beauty of the surrounding greenery.
    • Enjoy your terrace and your view with a set of garden furniture consisting of a table with chairs surrounded by beautiful greenery. Place large flower pot on the edge of your terrace to frame the area and create a closed place where you can have a morning coffee or a late lunch while admiring the landscape. If space allows you, you can also install a comfy sofa for added comfort.
    • Who said you couldn’t enjoy having a garden if you don’t have a yard? This urban garden design is proof that you can bring nature into your home by decorating your balcony with gorgeous plants that thrive in flower pots. Opt for flowering varieties that will beautify your balcony and will bring you closer to nature. Keep the natural style with a set of garden furniture made of wood and choose wood also for the flower pots.
    • Regardless the amount of space you have available, you can create gorgeous gardens that will offer you a feeling of comfort and smoothness. For a small balcony, design vertical wall gardens that will add greenery without taking floor space so you can use the ground to create a sitting area with a table and chairs.
  • This beautiful small city garden idea can be easily obtained with little effort and the best part is that you won’t have to make significant changes in the décor. Simply groom your garden very well, take care of the lawn and the flowers, and create a small relaxation area so you can rest and enjoy some peaceful time.

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