What Are the Most Common Types of Accounting Errors?

Mistakes can happen easily. It’s an inevitable part of doing your job. Accounting errors can be minor or substantial. Either way, they can have serious consequences. Some mistakes can be fixed if they’re caught on time. Others can never be corrected. In the long run, you can accumulate large amounts that are synonymous with loss of money. If you’re just starting out, chances are that you’ll want to do things yourself. Alright, but make sure you don’t make the following mistakes. It’s best to prevent these issues as they can become more serious concerns. 

Not Separating Business and Personal Accounts  

If you’re like everyone else, you have one bank account for both personal and business expenses. The most important thing to do is open a business bank account. Indeed, maintaining two accounts instead of one is more complicated, but it makes finances easier to handle. You can easily distinguish between personal and business transactions, so your bookkeeping will be accurate and up to date. Ask any tripletex regnskapsfører if you don’t believe us. Purchases can be accounted for without a hassle. Most importantly, you can protect your personal assets. You don’t have to review your bank statements monthly to highlight business transactions. 

Lack Of Organization

Without a solid system in place, balances will go unpaid without notice. You must be able to focus on data, prioritize work responsibilities, and do a little bit of multitasking. If you’re not organized, you’ll most likely miss important transactions or lose receipts. Needless to say, this can get you into trouble when the tax season comes. It’s recommended to make to-do lists of important tasks and review your priorities at the beginning of the day. These days, a regnskapsfører can’t work without calendars and planners. Why don’t you do the same? Write down your commitments on a piece of paper, and don’t rely entirely on your memory. 

Poor Communication with An Accountant

It doesn’t matter if it’s business or personal, you shouldn’t make big decisions without first consulting with a regnskapstjenester oslo. You should notify them about the transactions now rather than later. Never withhold information from your accounting, good or bad. Keep timely, systematic records to make your accountant’s job easier. It’s in your best interest, after all. The average accountant receives countless emails per day, so find a better way of communicating. If not, you won’t be treated as a priority. Pay close attention to your tone and words. And ask plenty of questions. The last thing you want is to be left in the dark. 

Ignoring Small Transactions 

Finally, yet importantly, don’t ignore small transactions. It’s a huge mistake. If someone sends you a thank you gift, its’ essential to record it and keep a receipt. Ensure the transaction is correct and doesn’t cause any issues. In the event of a tax audit, you should be able to present records of all your expenses. We won’t dive deeper into this topic. Reach out to your accountant, and they’ll provide the details you need. You can reach out on several channels.

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